PvPvE hybrid Server

Made specifically for Content Creators but we allow anyone to join!


NPC Bases for raiding, Murderers/Scarecrows, Fishing, Bounty System, Vehicle Fuel meters, Gesture Wheel, Vendor Rotate Protection and much more!

Raid Protection:

Protect your base with Scraps!

Dynamic PVP:

Server changes from PVE to PVP/Specific Map Zones.



There’s two ways to connect by clicking here or follow these steps below to add the server as favourite.

  • Open Steam
  • On the top bar select “View”, scroll down a little, and select “Servers”. Will open a new window


  • On the top bar, we should be on the “Favourites” option.¬†
  • On the bottom right corner select “Add server”. Will open a little window requesting an IP


  • Add as Server IP and click add this address to favourites
  • Once done reopen the game and go to favourites, it should appear there now to connect.

1. No offline base raiding. Do not raid another base unless they’re ONLINE. This means do NOT raid another base unless you see/hear/read text on the server that someone from that base is ONLINE. All it requires is ONE person from that team to be ONLINE (in the server) for it to be available to raid.

2. No limit on faction/team sizes. Alliances encouraged.

3. Don’t be a dumb dumb. No hate speech. No racism. No pornographic images. This goes for all communication via text, proxy, and rust artwork.

4. Proximity chat only. This means no discord, other 3rd party VOIP programs. The ONLY exception is if you’re a co-streamer.

5. No meta-gaming. Don’t use information from watching another streamer’s channel to your advantage. Do not encourage your viewers in your channel to feed you information about another streamer.

6. This is a PvPvE rust server, but consider to try and communicate before pulling out the guns….unless you’re a bad guy.

7. Roleplaying (cop, mayor, phone service etc.) is encouraged, but not necessary.

8. No music through microphone. We don’t want anyone to get a DMCA strike.

9. No fencing off monuments.

Normal Rates for now, this may change later…

Server wipes only when forced – this may change if players want.


You can fish by using a spear and aiming it at the water or by using a Fishing Rod.

/makepole – while holding any type of spear, type this and it will make a brand new handmade fishing pole and place it in your inventory.

/fishchance – returns the percentage chance you will catch a fish and the current time of day.

When hold¬†handmade fishing pole, left click or type /castpole – while looking at water this will “cast” a fishing line out in the water. A fishing bobber will appear at fishing location. Once the on screen timer goes down. it will return a fish or not.

Knock the door and you will know if player/owner is actually online or offline.


/bounty — Display the Bounty help menu

/bounty add items <player name> — Place a bounty on a player by using items deposited into the box

/bounty cancel <player name> — Cancel a pending bounty you have on the target player

/bounty view <player name> — Display outstanding bounties on the target player

/bounty claim — Claim rewards for your bounty kills /bounty top — Display the top 10 bounty hunters

/bounty wanted — Display the top 10 most wanted players based on how long they have had bounties

Now using Bear traps you can trap any animal!


/fuel – displays an interface by which the player can adjust the values

Use Shift-RightClick to bring up the menu.

You can now protect your base from raiders by putting Scrap in your Cupboard.

Only Vendor owners can rotate their own Vendors!

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