Hack & Slash Style of gameplay with random loot, new dungeons, talent tree, spells, stat system, dog leveling, riddle chests, furniture and much more!​


Over 400 new weapons/gear to collect!​


Over 100 new and more dangerous monsters at every corner!​


Claim land and have it protected from players/monsters!​


  1. Download and install Twitch app – CLICK HERE
  2. Once installed open twitch app and click on Mods.
  3. Click Browse Modpacks and type Oran1 in the search bar.
  4. Click Install modpack (Oran1’s Modpack for Server) or click here
  5. Modpack will appear under My Modpacks, click play!
  6. Click multiplayer and connect! – (Server should appear)


To claim land and have it protected you must first create a team by typing /create_team (name of team)

Once you have a team type: /claim – this claims land in chunks


To invite someone to your team type /team_invite (user name)

To kick someone type /kick_team_member (user name)

To join a team you must first be invited by the team leader of that team with: /team_invite (username)

Once invited type: /join_team (team name)

To open the main hub press: H

First you must learn a spell/skill from the spells hub and assign it to your spellbar. 

Open Spellbar and click on one of your spells/skills then click on a empty slot.

Once you have assigned a skill/spell on the hotbar, hold shift and press 1 or whatever number/slot you assigned it to.

To swap hotbar press: [

Some weapons/gear will allow you to equip them but you won’t get any of the stat benefits from it till you reach the required level.

To open the mini map settings press: y

Zoom in and out with: i and o

Set new Waypoint pressing: v

Press: b – to open backpack.

Open the Beastiary Index with: g

Dismount: c

Minion Selection: r

Minion Ability: x

Minon Inventory: n

Pets: k

Summoning: \

Q: How do I get a dog?

Use a training treat on a tamed wolf – Use the default minecraft stick to open the dog UI.


Q: My dog doesn’t response to any commands and is stuck on 1 health with a red texture, what do I do!?

When a dog hits 0 health it doesn’t die instead goes into incapacitated mode where it becomes unresponsive to any interactions. To revive your dog to good health you must feed them a cake.


Q: How does hunger work?

A dog can a maximum of 120 HP (Hunger points) meat will increase their hunger, and happy eater talent will increase amount got from these foods and allow them to eat fish and rotten flesh. As long as they have hunger they will slowly regen health and when a dog is sitting it will slowy regen hunger.


Q: How do I get rid off a dog/wolf?

you can use the collar shears on a dog twice to turn it back into a wolf.


Q: Some of the dog textures are missing (black and purple texture)

This is intentional to allow you to add your own textures, add textures to ‘\assets\doggytalents\textures\mob\dog’ with the name ‘doggytex$NUM$.png’


Q: Where did the command emblem go?

As of, it has been replaced by the whistle which is also used for shepherd dog and roaring gale talent. Shift click to change the type of whistle for what ever your needs.

To teleport to someone you must first send a tp request by typing: /tpa (username)

To accept a teleport request: Click Accept or Deny on the chat box.

To simply set home type: /set_home (name of home)

Once you have a home set you can type: /home (name of home) to teleport back to it.


       Increase ram usage for less lag/better gameplay! – follow these steps!

  1. Open Twitch app and click Mods then My Modpacks.
  2. Click on Oran1’s Modpack for Server LOGO and click settings next to Versions.
  3. Click Profile Options, untick (Memeory Settings) and change it to 5000mb or more.
  4. Click Okay and press play! 😀
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