pve minecraft server:

Normal PVE Server with Plugins. (Version 1.18.1)


Claim land and have it protected from players/monsters!

Proximity Voice Chat:

Server connects to a online browser client for Proximity Voice Chat!

Server features:

New Weapons, Parkour, New Crafting Recipes, Claim Horses, New Weather System and much much more! (Check below for more info)

Server IP: play.oran1.net:27553


  1. No Spamming
  2. No Griefing
  3. No Advertising
  4. No Constant Cursing
  5. No Trolling/Flaming
  6. No Banned Items
  7. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
  8. Respect all Players
  9. Obey Staff
  10. No racism, homophobia, or harassment allowed
  11. No Hacks
  12. No Full Caps Messages
  13. Have common decency
  14. No AFK Farming

Use this IP: play.oran1.net – (Port: 19132) to connect on Console/Windows 10/Mobile versions.

– Do know using any of these versions you may not see some of the new textures or will show up as default Minecraft Textures.

To connect to the Proximity Voice chat, you simply login to the server and you should see a clickable link to connect.  – If not type /voice

Once you click that link you should see this pop up: – Click yes

On the Browser click Start OpenAudioMc.

Now click Join Voice Chat

You should now see a pop up on the top left to allow the use of your Microphone, Click allow

That’s it! 😀

Voice commands:

/mute – This mutes your mic (You can also do it on the browser)

To teleport back to the spawn point just type: /spawn

To teleport to a player you must first request a teleport by typing: /tpa (player name)

To accept teleport type: /tpaccept

To cancel request type: /tpacancel

To Set Home Type: /sethome (Home name)

To teleport Home just type: /home (Home name)

To Delete/Remove a Home type: /delhome (Home name)

To report a player for breaking any of the server rules, type: /report

To claim land you simply go to the zone you want to claim and type: /lands create (name of land) 

You can only claim 4 chunks per land you own (Max Land ownership is 4)


To claim more land you simply type /claim This claims land in chunks.

To invite someone to your land type /trust (user name) – This allows user to use/interact with your claimed land.

To kick someone type /untrust (user name) – Removes user permission to interact/use on your claimed land.

To unclaim chunks type: /lands unclaim

To rename your land type: /lands rename

To see what land has already been claimed type: /lands view

To unclaim all chunks type: /lands unclaim all

To accept a invite to land type: /lands accept

To deny a invite to land type: /lands deny

– You can have up to 8 members in one land.

For more options type: /lands 

Jump on any block and hold Shift to hold on and then press space to jump again!

Saddle Craft Recipe:

For many more NEW crafting recipes, type /ia 

To claim a Horse you must first tame it and place a Saddle on it, then go on the Horse and type: /h claim

(4 Horses is the limit)

Horse Commands:

/h banish (name of Horse) – Unsummons your Horse.

/h kill – Deletes your Horse.

/h summon – Summons your Horse.

/h stats – Shows you Horse Stats.

/h set name (name you want to name the Horse) – This renames your Horse.

Go to the Beehive and right click on it (Must have nothing on Hand)

By using a Diamond Axe The whole Tree will collapse. (THIS WORKS ON ANY KIND OF WOOD)

Go to any animal and just right click on it (Must have nothing on Hand) and to free them press Shift – They will show up on top of your head.

To tame a Fox you must use raw chicken and sweet berries to breed them.

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